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Proper ventilation of your attic area has a huge impact on your home's heating and cooling costs, as well as on the life of your roof.

Poor ventilation on your roof deck can lead to problems like ice dams, leaks and premature aging of your shingles. Is your home properly ventilated? Have you thought of installing Maximum vents? They are the leader in the ventilation industry.

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Not all roofing contractors are created equal.

The best roofing products in the world can still lead to problems if they are not properly installed. We've been in the roofing business since 1996. We've earned from one customer to another our reputation for the quality of our workmanship and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you'll ever make, you'll want to protect it through proper maintenance. Think of your roof as a major system in your home - once it falls into disrepair, problems can snowball, leading to costly - and preventable - repair bills.

Knowing when to re-roof, what products to select and who to hire can seem like a blinded challenge. Hiring a big company sometime will lead to high repair costs and most likely they will sub the job to a small crew. Let the roofing experts at Daniel Boulanger ROOFING and SHEET METAL give you the fair price on your job.


We'll assess the current condition of your roof. Give you advice on how to improve your roof ventilation, and walk you through selecting the best shingle for your home.

We believe that when you get a roofing estimate, you should get an estimate on the entire job, with no add-on "surprises" later.

Our roofing contract includes:

  • Removal and disposal of your old shingles
  • Installation of a high quality leak barrier and roof deck protection
  • Installation of your shingles
  • Installing new metal (valleys or wall flashing) were applicable 
  • Cleaning all your eavestrough and yard of all roofing debris
  • Provide you with a 7 year warranty on our workmanship, and the manufacturer's warranty on all products.

★ At the time of the estimate we may be able to let you know whether the existing plywood on your roof requires repairs, but sometimes we can't tell until the old shingles have been removed. If we see that your plywood is in need of repair, we'll let you know, and can provide you with an estimate to repair it.

We provide a 24/7 service on any problems that may occur with your roof or exterior needs. Our technicians are trained to give you the most care in finding a solution with your home from roof leaks, missing shingles, extra venting accessories and even snow removal.